My name is Gianpaolo, for Ham friends just "Gianpi".

Born in Torino (TO) on 7th Februar 1968, I live in a little village called Arma di Taggia (IM), on the Ligurian Coast, about 25 km with the French Border. I'm married with Cinzia, and I have two kids, Riccardo and Aurora !

I am an HAM since 1993, but I love radios already since 1985 !! My favourite activitiy it's DX'ing and Contesting...I travel quite a lot, and I love Island Activations or particularly places !I like fishing abord of my "FISH BANDIT", and I love photography, I am a Canon 7D enthusiast !

See this BLOG to know everything about my Radio Activity !!! A lot of information about me, my shack, my activity and dx-speditions and others things of my life!! I hope to meet you in frequency !!

Best 73 de IK1TTD Gianpi

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This is my shack today


Something new !! Here you can see my weather Station working !

This is a little but very interesting weather station! 

PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station with touch screen 
weather station with 5 sensors (wind direction, wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall) / Alarm function / USB port / Analysis software
This weather station is a multifunction tool that will satisfy his expectations. Both in the private and in the professional, this will convince the weather station. This weather station allows it to accurately detect the wind direction, wind speed, temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. This is just a small part of the services that can offer this weather station. In addition to this fact, it has the ability to activate different alarm functions (air speed, atmospheric pressure, etc.). With the help of this weather station will decide, among other things, what kind of clothes to wear, or if it needs watering the garden or not, and more. Meteorological values are sent via radio signal to the base that can be located up to a maximum distance of 100 meters. This weather station is equipped with the latest technology in analyzing weather. The touch screen display allows you to view and easily manage the weather station values. The USB port with the included cable, enabling it to transmit the data of the weather station to your PC or laptop. These data should be accompanied by the date and time to be able to also be analyzed over a longer period of time. On the PC can store the meteorological values is limitless. The analysis software included in the shipment, allowing it to analyze and compare meteorological fluctuations by means of graphs and charts. We include in the shipment everything may need to operate the weather station. For more information on the PCE-FWS 20 weather station get in touch with us at the number +39 0583 975 114 or use our contact service . Our technicians and the engineers will advise on these weather stations and our other products: regulating and control systems , measuring instruments , laboratory instruments and scales of PCE Instruments .

the base station functions
- Indoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

- Outdoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

- Relative humidity inside

- Outdoor relative humidity

- Atmospheric pressure information in inHG or hPa

- Selection atmospheric pressure relative or absolute

- Indication of rainfall in mm or inch

- Indication of rainfall for 1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month or last reset

- Selection of wind speed in mph, km / h, m / s, knots or Beaufort

- Indication of the wind direction
- Temperature indicator Wind Chill (thermal sensation)
- Dew point indication
- Weather forecast
- Tendency of weather prediction
- Storm Warning
- Indication of meteorological values
- Programmable alarm functions for different meteorological values
- Stores the maximum and minimum values
- Illuminated LCD display
- Updated clock radio
- Time display in 12 or 24 hours
- Calendar
- Time zone
- Power Saving Function
- Possibility to mount the wall display or landscape
- Permanent adjustment of meteorological values ​​and clock radio

Here you can see the PCE-FWS 20 weather station with software and
all the sensors that are mounted on the pole, all included in the shipment
Adjusting the alarm functions in the weather station
- Indoor air maximum humidity alarm
- Alarm of the maximum internal temperature
- Maximum outdoor humidity alarm
- Alarm of maximum outside temperature
- The maximum wind chill alarm
- Alarm of maximum dewpoint
- Atmospheric pressure alarm maximum
- The maximum wind speed alarm
- Alarm for maximum wind gusts
- Alarm of maximum rainfall, 1 hour
- Alarm of maximum rainfall, 24 hours
- Indoor air humidity minimum Alarm
- Alarm of the indoor temperature
- Minimum outside air humidity alarm
- Alarm of minimum outdoor temperature
- The wind chill low alarm
- The minimum dew point alarm
- The minimum atmospheric pressure alarm
Measurement values ​​stored (with date and time)
- Maximum of rain for 1 hour
- Maximum of raining for 24 hours
- Rain Maximum during one weeks
- Rain Maximum during one month
- Indoor humidity minimum air
- Minimum internal temperature
- Outdoor humidity minimum air
- Minimum outside temperature
- Wind Chill minimum
- Minimum Dew Point
- Atmospheric pressure minimum
- Maximum humidity Indoor air
- Maximum Internal Temperature
- Maximum humidity air
- Outside temperature maximum
- Wind Chill maximum
- Maximum Dew Point
- Atmospheric pressure Max
- Maximum Velocity
- Wind direction
- Lots of wind gusts

This is the temperature and humidity sensor that includes the transmitter with solar panel

Here you can see the precipitation sensor of the PCE-FWS 20 weather station

This is the sensor for the wind speed of the PCE-FWS 20 weather station 

This is the sensor for wind direction of the PCE-FWS 20 weather station

Technical specifications of the PCE-FWS 20 weather station
Interior sensors
Measuring range
Ambient temperature: 0 ... +60 ° C
Air humidity: 1 ... 99%
Atmospheric pressure: 919 ... 1080hPa
Air temperature: 0.1 ° C
Air humidity: 1%
Atmospheric pressure: 0.1 / 1.5 hPa
Sampling of atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity
alarm duration
External sensors
Measuring range
Ambient temperature: -40 ... +65 ° C
Air humidity: 1 ... 99%
Rain: 0 ... 9999mm
Wind speed: 0 ... 180 km / h
the wind direction indicator
Air temperature: 0.1 ° C
Air humidity: 1%
Rain: 0.1mm (volume <1000mm) / 1mm (volume> 1000mm)
temperature and humidity sampling
radio transmission
up to a max. 100 m in free field
 - Base Station
 - Radio transmitter
3 x 1.5V AA
batteries and solar panel
 - Base Station
 - Sensors
230 x 150 mm
660 x 540 mm
Mounting the weather station PCE-FWS 20
Video weather station PCE-FWS 20

Here you can see the PCE-FWS 20 weather station connected to a laptop via software

Here you can see the set of weather station PCE-FWS 20 through the touch screen

Here you can see a section of the analysis software included in the shipment

Here you can see the remote sensors included in the shipment
Delivery contents
1 x base station with touch screen display, 
1 x temperature sensor with support, 
1 x humidity sensor with a support, 
1 x solar panel and battery, 
1 x rain sensor with a support, 
1 x air velocity sensor with a support , 
1 x sensor for wind direction with support, 
1 x rod, 
1 x USB connection cable, 
1 x analysis software, 
user manual