My name is Gianpaolo, for Ham friends just "Gianpi".

Born in Torino (TO) on 7th Februar 1968, I live in a little village called Arma di Taggia (IM), on the Ligurian Coast, about 25 km with the French Border. I'm married with Cinzia, and I have two kids, Riccardo and Aurora !

I am an HAM since 1993, but I love radios already since 1985 !! My favourite activitiy it's DX'ing and Contesting...I travel quite a lot, and I love Island Activations or particularly places !I like fishing abord of my "FISH BANDIT", and I love photography, I am a Canon 7D enthusiast !

See this BLOG to know everything about my Radio Activity !!! A lot of information about me, my shack, my activity and dx-speditions and others things of my life!! I hope to meet you in frequency !!

Best 73 de IK1TTD Gianpi

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This is my shack today


My antenna setup it is quite typical for an HAM that use to have regular dxing ... not big enough to be considered a big gun ...but big enough to have fun and catcth big and little dx-pedition.

I have  a Yagi Tri Element Beam from ECO ANTENNA an Italian Factory (unfortunately no more in business) covering the 10-15-20 meters that after almost 20 year is still doing a wonderful job ... During Februar 2015 I made a refurbishement of this antenna, and now is ready to go again for the next 20 years ....

Beside my Beam, I have have the HF2V from Butternut convering  40 and 80 meters; this antenna it is simply great !! The unique important thing is is to give it a nice ground radials, otherwise the transmission efficiengy will be drastically lowered. Actually I put 2 radial for 40 and 2 radial for 80 meter, and seems working enough ! Of course, the most number of radials you put, the big will be the efficienty of this antenna.


About my outdoor activation. Back in the past year I remember when I use to carry a very heavy metal mast (almost 6kg) and a vertical antenna for classic band 10-15-20-40... lot of weight to carry .... 

I have tried during years several antennas.... the best result I obtianed was with Home Made GP Monoband, mounted on fishing rod .... excellent performancies really, but in other hand there was the problem to change antenna everytime you need to change band .... no good at all !  

Then 2 years ago I found the final solution: light weight, easy carriable, small pack, ready to go in 10 minuts, easy installation everywhere ... Can exist something like that ? Sure !!!!!! His name is Rybacov antenna ! But wait... if you go on line you will find tons of documents where everybody write that an antenna like this can't work properly.....

Well... in the last years I always use that antenna, and the typical sentence I got during qso, wherever I am is "Many compliment, good signal !!! Here below the link to see "my" Rybacov .... don't be confused, just try to make one then let me know.