My name is Gianpaolo, for Ham friends just "Gianpi".

Born in Torino (TO) on 7th Februar 1968, I live in a little village called Arma di Taggia (IM), on the Ligurian Coast, about 25 km with the French Border. I'm married with Cinzia, and I have two kids, Riccardo and Aurora !

I am an HAM since 1993, but I love radios already since 1985 !! My favourite activitiy it's DX'ing and Contesting...I travel quite a lot, and I love Island Activations or particularly places !I like fishing abord of my "FISH BANDIT", and I love photography, I am a Canon 7D enthusiast !

See this BLOG to know everything about my Radio Activity !!! A lot of information about me, my shack, my activity and dx-speditions and others things of my life!! I hope to meet you in frequency !!

Best 73 de IK1TTD Gianpi

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This is my shack today


During summer, I go in Sardinia Island with my family ! We spent overthere some great time !

The Island is one fo the most beautiful place you can quickly reach from Italy .... just half day of boat, and you will be in Olbia ... from there just 30 minuts driving ...

Here we can really escape from the stressing life, and relaxing ... far away frm cellphone ringing, emailing, customer callings and other typical aspect of my regular life ! Just sun, sea, seafood ... anf of course some time for having fun with my preferrable hobby !