My name is Gianpaolo, for Ham friends just "Gianpi".

Born in Torino (TO) on 7th Februar 1968, I live in a little village called Arma di Taggia (IM), on the Ligurian Coast, about 25 km with the French Border. I'm married with Cinzia, and I have two kids, Riccardo and Aurora !

I am an HAM since 1993, but I love radios already since 1985 !! My favourite activitiy it's DX'ing and Contesting...I travel quite a lot, and I love Island Activations or particularly places !I like fishing abord of my "FISH BANDIT", and I love photography, I am a Canon 7D enthusiast !

See this BLOG to know everything about my Radio Activity !!! A lot of information about me, my shack, my activity and dx-speditions and others things of my life!! I hope to meet you in frequency !!

Best 73 de IK1TTD Gianpi

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This is my shack today


The QRP EXPERIENCE start immediately, becasue while I was waiting to buy a HF Transceiver, a good firend of mine gave me th FT7B from YAESU MUSEN, 5watt only !!

That was my first radio ! It was just umbelievable how was possible to have so nice dx with just low power ... few months later, I got my first Kenwood 100watt ouput, and soon I forgot the possibility of low power ...

Then recently I bought for fun a kit: the SW20+ from Small Wonder Labs, a little QRP CW TRANSCEIVER ... a real low power, just 2.5 watt !

After building the kit, started to send some CW, and the first time that I try to reply to somebody, immediately I got the reply ! The surprise was twice, when I heard the full call .. A45XR !! Umbelievable ! Just 2.5 watt and a GP 1/4 fo 20 meter just hang on the garden ... This is the "power" of low power !!


During my holiday in my Summer House in Sardinia, I got a lot of contact from USA with my little QRP ! So fun !


Here below some picture from a recently short activity from San Bernardino Pass, about 2000mt. high !! Very cold, but lot of fun !!